Timeless vintage inspired bags.


Bolsillo® is born with the aspiration of creating a perfect and versatile bag of pure and simple lines that adapts to any time of the day and time of the year. It is a tribute to simplicity understood as the beauty of knowing how to subtract the unnecessary, “that is why we love designing for those people who seek beauty in their own authenticity”.


We want our collections to return to natural elegance, making materials themselves and their ability to age well, outstanding values of our bags. “For us, a bag is not only a fashion accessory but a beloved object, a companion over life”.


Conscious fashion consumption and limited editions.

Our own philosophy understands fashion from timelessness, away from trends and seasonal collections and respecting the environment and local craftmanship. That is why we prefer to avoid the word "collection" and use just "story".


We understand sustainability as the longevity of design, creating eternal pieces that perfectly stands the test of time. “We use mainly premium vegetable tanned leather and we love thinking that we are transforming this residual byproduct of the food industry into timeless luxury bags”.

We only make 50-100 units per color and design to make our bags even more exclusive.

Buy things you love and keep them forever.

As a brand, we promote the idea of only buying things that you fall in love with with, quality object that you can keep and use forever. 


Perfect craftsmanship from the south of Spain (Cádiz).


Every design has been meticulously sewn by hand by skilled leather artisans from Prado del Rey & Ubrique, two small white-walled village in the south of Spain with a long-standing leather tradition. Bolsillo® seeks to internationally reinforce Cádiz, its character and tradition, from a more contemporary point of view.


Leading the brand, the creative director of Bolsillo® María Vázquez, knows that it is not a question of arriving fast but having very clear in mind where to go. Born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a small town in Cádiz, the designer knows keeps her essence maintaining her values but trying new challenges. Her creative process always starts seeking inspiration in vintage functional shapes from older generations and childhood memories. 


“One of my obsesions is creating objects born to become one day heirloom pieces that will be passed down from mothers to daughters.”


Her designs perfectly capture the values that identify Bolsillo®: silenced and natural luxury, comfort, femininity, honesty and elegance.